Vital statistics
Position Sugar Rush racer
Age 9
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Short
Weight Light
Candlehead is a racer in Sugar Rush and a supporting character in Wreck-It Ralph. She is close friends with Taffyta Muttonfudge and Rancis Fluggerbutter. She is apparently somewhat simple-minded and submissive in terms of personality. She wears a cap that has a candle on it, hence her name.


Wreck-It RalphEdit

Candlehead, after the arcade closes, take part in the Random Roster ceremony held by King Candy, where she pays her fees for the Random Roster Race. However, Vanellope von Schweetz interrupts the ceremony and also pays her fee with Wreck-It Ralph's medal. Candlehead subsequently follows her to a junkyard, along with the other racers, where they confront Vanellope and demolish her scrap-made kart, the Likkity Split. However, they are chased away when Ralph comes and charges at them.

Candlehead later takes part in the Random Roster Race. During the race, Rancis alerts her and Taffyta than Vanellope has entered the race as well in a new kart. In response, Taffyta orders Candlehead to light the cherry bombs at the side of the track to throw Vanellope off course. While they initially appear to succeed, Vanellope manages to glitch in front of the three, resulting in them plummeting off the track and into an ice cream sundae, blowing out Candlehead's candle, much to her distress.

Candlehead later flees Sugar Rush when a swarm of Cy-Bugs attack, and returns once the threat has been terminated. By that time, Vanellope has crossed the finish line and resetted the game, also revealing herself to be princess. Horrified, Candlehead attempts to blame Taffyta for their mistreatment of her. Vanellope promptly orders their execution, much to their dismay, until Vanellope reveals she was only joking. Vanellope then decides to turn down being princess in favor of being president, which Candlehead and the other racers agree to. Candlehead later invites Vanellope into the group of racers.