Rancis Fluggerbutter
Vital statistics
Position Sugar Rush racer
Age 9
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Short
Weight Light
Rancis Fluggerbutter is a supporting antagonist in Wreck-It Ralph. He is a Sugar Rush racer who takes part in harassing Vanellope von Schweetz, a programming mistake, unaware that she was transformed into a glitch by a racer named Turbo.


Wreck-It RalphEdit

Rancis is present at King Candy's Random Roster ceremony. During the ceremony, Vanellope uses Wreck-It Ralph's medal to earn her a place in the Random Roster Race. However, Rancis and the other Sugar Rush racers pursue Vanellope into a junkyard, where they torment her and try to force her to back out of the race. When she refuses, Rancis and the other racers start to demolish her kart. Vanellope makes a futile attempt to stop them but is shoved into a mud puddle. However, Ralph witnesses this and angrily charges at the racers, scaring them away.

Rancis has another encounter with Vanellope during the Random Roster Race when Vanellope, in a new kart, enters the race. Rancis notices her and alerts Taffyta and Candlehead. In response, Taffyta orders Candlehead to light the cherry bombs at the side of the mountain to distract Vanellope. Candlehead obeys, but Vanellope glitches past the three, frightening them and causing them to plummet off the cliff and into an ice cream sundae. Shortly afterwards, a swarm of Cy-Bugs attack Sugar Rush., and Rancis flees with the other racers while King Candy is devoured.

Rancis and the other racers return once the threat is terminated. By the time they arrive, Vanellope has crossed the finish line, resetting the game and restoring her status as princess. Horrified, the racers apologize for mistreating her, but Vanellope decrees that they be executed, terrifying them. However, Vanellope reveals she was only kidding and accepts their apologies. Afterwards, Vanellope decides to turn down the title of princess in exchange for being president. Rancis and the other racers later welcome Vanellope as their friend.